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Helen Keller once said “ Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” .We couldn’t agree more and if that’s the case with you as well then fly with Air India and make that adventure  yours. Air India, a purely customer-oriented highly efficient airlines asking to be of any service to you.

A dream seen in 1932 almost 89 years ago as Tata Airlines manifested itself in the form of Air India. The country was struggling to make its mark when Air India definitely became a nudge in the productive direction.

Air India  is considered  largest airlines in India in  terms of fleet size, destinations served and number of passengers carried. It commenced operation on 29 July 1946 and is headquartered in New Delhi, India.  Covering an extensive network, Air India  serve more than 127  destinations throughout the world. They operate more than 1514 flights a day expanding rapidly along roundtrip markets. The primary hub is at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Air India is a part  of the largest airline alliance,Star Alliance. The airlines is the largest international carrier out of India with a whopping 18.6% market share.

Current Operating Routes

Mumbai to Newark

Chicago to Delhi

Los Angeles to Delhi

Chicago to Delhi

Flying Returns

It is the loyalty program for frequent flyers of Air India. It is designed to provide maximum benefit to passengers. The miles can be earned not just while booking a flight but also while, shopping, staying at a hotel, renting a car and many more options.

It is considered one of the most rewarding programs in the region based on the benefits attained. The FR points are accumulated every time you fly Air India or its global Star  Airlines partner. It is possible to earn FR miles and redeem them as well on selected non-airline partners. Isn’t that amazing. The points can be purchased for self  in any country or currency.

Special Needs

Air India takes special measures to passengers who require special assistance.  However it is advised to inform the Air India staff prior checking in so that the staff is prepared with medical equipments  necessary in advance. Air India asks its passengers with special needs to submit a Medical Information form (MEDIF) and contact the nearest Air India office with the form duly filled by the passenger’s physician. The form is available on their website.  In India the procedure for sanctions from Air India’s Medical Officer takes 72 hours and longer (up to 5 working days) in offices like Canada. Please check with the local offices or contact the airlines directly.

Baggage Policy

As per the policy in Carry-on Air India allows  one carry-on bag and one personal item such as purse, briefcase and laptop but should not exceed 8kg weight limit. As for Checked baggage, Economy class is allowed 25kg , Business Class is allowed 35 kg and First Class is allowed 40 kg keeping in mind that they nevertheless follow weight and size guidelines laid down by the airlines and can be checked on the Air India website as well. 

Refund Policy

An eligible ticket for refund can be submitted which is partially utilised or totally utilised within a year after the expiry of the validity of the particular ticket. The refund is affected by the fare restrictions of the ticket.  If cash was the payment method then a cheque is issued to the registered address of the passenger. In case of a debit/credit payment, the amount is credited back to the same credit/debit card account. The amount cannot be credited to any other account as part of Air India policy. For more information either visit the official website of Air India or call for assistance on the registered Air India helpline numbers.

Amenities on board

The amount of luxuries provided differ based on the classes A first class has more amenities than Economy Class but a  low-ticket price does not mean a bland and uncomfortable flight experience for Air India.With a plethora of in-flight beverages and snacks at your service and a non-alcoholic beverage coupled with delicious snacks  served as compliments from the crew, the passenger becomes a loyal customer for life. The popular in-flight magazine “Shubh Yatra” is popular among Air India passengers.

There are variety of in-flight entertainment custom designed to accentuate the whole experience into a cherished one, with no unnecessary need to buy Wi-Fi to satiate the entertainment bones.

Exclusive offers and rewards

Air India regularly comes up with reward options and various exclusive offers for their frequent flyers. While earning points on Flying Returns you can use it several other benefits as well. You are entitled to collect, save and redeem your points anytime with Air India . For-more details about Flying Returns visit Air India official site.

Safety Precautions Amid COVID-19

  1. The pandemic hit the aviation industry like punch in the gut. Air India also had to ground most of their fleet. With COVID-19 engulfing the entire planet it is important, now more than ever to follow the guidelines to ensure your safety and fellow travelers alike. Some points to keep in mind while travelling are;
  2. Following basic precautions such as wearing a mask at all times, maintaining social distances and using sanitiser.
  3. Keeping an alert on your device on the countries with travel restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. This also includes potential quarantines upon arrival in the destination country with their particular rules.
  4. The notification from the airlines should always be on during travelling as Air India continually keeps notifying its passengers with government restrictions, flight cancellations or potential quarantines and other guidelines.

Tips to secure cheapest flights on Air India

  1. Flight options

While you are looking for cheap flights, remember to look for travel search engines such as Kayak and lesser known sites such as Jet Radar and Wego. Also compare the fares with the prices offered on Air India official site for exclusive offers. 

2. Payment methods

Use your Debit Cards and cash for other payments, always use credit card to pay for everything regarding flight fares to earn air miles and better flight deals for future.

3. Credit card

Planned spending using credit card accelerate your earning points on flying Air India  along with signing bonuses. Just remember that not every credit card provides these bonuses, so be careful while making your payment.

4. Earning and Redeeming air miles

Always be on the lookout for airline alliance members. A quick google search before booking flight tickets and learning about recent mergers and airline alliance saves a lot of money and unnecessary expenditure. Air India also has tie- ups with some non- alliance members as well.

Ways to contact the Customer Support of Air India :

Ask Maharajah

If you have a query with reservation. Visit the official website of Air India  and click on the Ask Maharajah to get assistance in real time.


You can also drop a quick e-mail, clearly stating your problem on the Air India website itself. The response will be swift and satisfactory. However, because of Covid-19, Air India is receiving hundreds of e-mails and they are trying to reply to each one of them. So be patient with the replies.


The Air India customer assistance works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve issues and help as many customers as they can. But please be patient and kind while asking for assistance as they are handling thousands of calls every day.

What does the Customer feel about Air India?

Having flown with this airline for quite some time, it is for the first time I feel compelled to write a review which is essentially to highlight the zeal and enthusiasm of two Air India staff. Ruwan at the ticketing counter and Rohit at the boarding gate, had sparkle in their eyes, spring in their steps and an infectious smile while attending to all sorts of queries of passengers yet not letting the guard down in these Covid challenging times. There pro customers behaviour and keenness to take that extra step for our satisfaction and making us comfortable is praiseworthy.

A Murlin 29 December 2020              

The flights was relatively sparse and check in was a breeze although at Bangalore airport the safety checks were at a higher level and the fares were quite reasonable which was good. The flight was on time and boarding started well in advance. The only thing that was an issue was the screen guards which were provided. I could not see anything with them on which didn’t make sense because just a couple of months earlier, the screen guards were proper. So it must have been an exception. Landing also happened well ahead of schedule. At a time when all private carriers are trying to profit from this situation, Air India seems to be flying reliably during these times. Keep up the good work.

A Sharvun 16 august 2020

New Delhi to Bangkok. Ticket had been bought the day before from an airport agent. Check-in was quick and straightforward. The queue was very short. Boarding was uncomplicated and efficient. The flight took off and landed on time. I asked for and received an exit row seat. The seat was reasonably comfortable and there was plenty of leg room. Dinner was served about an hour after take off. I declined the meal because I had eaten in the terminal but from what I saw it seemed to be OK. I wanted to rest so I did not try the IFE. Baggage was waiting for me on arrival at the belt because I had an excessive delay getting medical clearance for Bangkok.

Alan Sargeant 1st April 2020

Contact Information:

Customer service1-800-252-7522
Wait timeNA
Calling Hours24/7
Most Expensive MonthsNovember- December
Cheapest MonthAugust
Best time to Call8:30 am
Alternative MethodsFacebook and Instagram
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