Life is so unpredictable. Therefore, changes become a constant part of our life. Sometimes, these changes may affect your travel plans. And it may insist you cancel all bookings too. Cancelation does not stand out to be a great option as; this may incur hefty cancelation charges or even zero return.
With Turkish Airlines change flight policy, you can make the required changes. There is no need to worry about the cancellation charges and zero return.
Let us start with the policies first.

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Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy

• Firstly, if your tickets are not purchased from the ticket counters, official website, or by any other affiliated app then, the passengers have to pay the full charges of change.
• Secondly, free change policy is applicable only if passengers make the changes within the risk-free time.
• Changes can be made lastly before 24 hours of departure.
• In case of same day flight change, you will be charged the full ticket value as a charge of change.

Steps to Change Turkish Airline’s Flight

  1. Online Process
     Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
     Login with your id through which you have booked your tickets,
     Click on “Manage Trip”
     Enter your full name and PNR no.
     Select on “Find Trip” tab.
     Select your booking from the list.
     Make the changes you require.
     Pay the Turkish Airline Change Flight fee.
     Finally, you are done with the complete process. You will get a fresh ticket on your e-mail id
  2. Offline Process
     You can ask your agent to make the changes for you.
     Or, you can go to airport counters and ask them to make the changes for you.
     Fill in the required information
     Once the changes are made you have to make the payment for the changes.
     Finally, you will get the new ticket on your email. Or a hard copy from the counter if you want.
  3. On call
     Contact the customer care no. on 18446730381
     Select the preferred language
     You will connect to an agent at your service.
     You have to tell your one time password to let the agent make changes for you.
     The agent may ask you few details. Kindly, provide them.
     Guide your agent to do the changes you require.
     Then you have to make the payment.
     After you are done with the payment, you will receive your fresh ticket on e-mail id or in text message.

Charges for Flight Change with Turkish Airlines

• There are various factors which may affect the charges for flight change. These factors are type of ticket you are holding, time of making changes, and route. By route we mean Domestic or International.
• International passengers have to pay $200 to $400.
• Passengers traveling domestically, have to pay around $60-$120.
• If change in your flight tickets are because of Covid-19 then you will get full refund.
• In case of Turkish Airlines Cancellation because of reasons accorded to the airlines, you will get full refund.

Types of Changes Allowed in Turkish Airline
  1. Date Change
    • Firstly, the Turkish Airlines date change strategy says that a passenger cannot make changes to their flight date on the same day of takeoff. You can change date of your Turkish Airlines Reservations by paying the Turkish Airlines change charge.
    • Secondly, passengers changing the date on the same day of travel, have to pay fee of making changes. The absolute can contrast contingent upon where you go.
    • Lastly, according to Turkish Airlines date change policy, passengers can change the date if the next flight is wished to be in the same class and destination .In this is so you has to pay extra charges.
  2. Name Change
    • According to the Turkish Airlines name change policy, passengers can enjoy switching their trips even till the date of flight. If you wish, you can make changes to your name.
    • Secondly, the name change facility is accessible only to the passengers, whose booking has been in offline mode.
    • Thirdly, as indicated by the Turkish Airlines name change policy, a passenger should make the changes approx. an hour before takeoff.
    • By chance if the designated time passes over, the passenger have to pay the full ticket amount as a fee of Turkish Airlines change flight expense.
    • Turkish Airlines name change does not apply on long stretch flights. For more data on it, counsel authorities through customer care number, live talk, or visiting ticket deal workplaces.
    • If you are looking for a name change, then the passenger needs to fly on similar destination as before.
    • Lastly, passengers who have done there check-in, cannot make changes in their name. For any query you can contact Turkish Airlines Customer Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before a flight can you change it?

The changes can be 24 hours before departure. After that you will be charged with the entire amount of your ticket. If you make changes in your tickets which are bought quite earlier than your travel date, you can even enjoy free cancelation and change within 24 hours of booking.

Can I go to airport to change flight?

You have to pay the charges as the fees of making the changes. You might also have to pay the additional charges in the fare of your next flight.

How do I contact Turkish Airlines?

You can connect with Turkish Airlines in various ways. Such as;
• Firstly, via call- 8000501565.
• Secondly by texting on the same number.
• Thirdly, via mail.
• Lastly, through your agent.

What does flexible ticket mean?

Ticket that permits you to make changes no matter what the change policy consists of.

How do I change my ticket date?

Refer to the information mentioned-above.

Can I extend my flight tickets?

Yes, with Turkish Airlines you get a flex to make changes even in your date of travel. But the changes should be made prior your check-in. Also, you may have to pay certain amount as a charge for making changes. These charges may differ depending upon your time of change, type of change, type of ticket, class of tickets, and destination (i.e., domestic or international).